EAH is NOT a New Thing – Many Cities WANT it!

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Ya gotta love when you know that you are working on the “right thing” and then confirmation of the need for what you are doing is received!!

Currently, while Employer Assisted Housing in theory has been around for centuries, it is still considered a “new and innovative” process to encourage employers to help their employees with housing needs.  Interestingly enough, the City Plans have always addressed this as an issue of concern, as noted in the following excerpt from the City of Dayton / Kettering, “Annual Action Plan 2012” (pg 4)

The Consolidated Plan was guided by three overarching goals that are applied according to community needs. These goals are:

• To provide decent housing by preserving the affordable housing stock, increasing the availability of affordable housing, reducing discriminatory barriers, increasing the supply of supportive housing for those with special needs and transitioning homeless persons and families into housing;


• To provide a suitable living environment through safer, more livable neighborhoods, greater integration of low and moderate income residents throughout the City, increased housing opportunities and reinvestment in deteriorating neighborhoods; and

• To expand economic opportunities through more jobs paying sufficient wages, homeownership opportunities, development activities that promote long term community viability and the empowerment of low and moderate income persons to achieve self sufficiency.

View Full City of Dayton / Kettering Action Plan 2012




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