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Update on Success Stories for EAH!

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I attended the Chicago Forum and was pleased to see so many of my fellow trainers at the even.  Chicago has a very active Employer Assisted Housing program, and perhaps you think this is something that is better geared for a larger metropolitan area where house prices are well above our own communities?  The fact of the matter is that if it can work in an area such as Chicago – then it can  WONDERFULLY work here!


Read some of the highlights here…

  • NAR President Moe Veissi started the day’s events acknowledging that, while REALTORS® understand the value of the American Dream, they need to communicate it in different ways.   “There’s another part of this that we don’t pronounce as much as we should,” Veissi said. “You’ve got to tell them that there’s more than an economic benefit to owning a home… the people who live in that home are healthier.”
  • Illinois Housing Development Authority Executive Director Mary Kenney encouraged forum attendees to help shift the way the public discusses new housing solutions for the nation’s workers. “Together, we are changing the dialogue from affordable housing to maintaining a competitive workforce,” she said. “We need to work together to help educate our legislators about the needs of our communities.”
  • In presenting the latest findings from the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies where he is managing director, Eric Belsky noted that seeing numbers in a different way can help lawmakers understand the urgency of a situation. He said that when it comes to workplace housing problems, policymakers don’t get the full picture by looking at the conventionally-used median wage figures.  “Entry-level [workers] are the people who are trying to get a leg up in life,” Belsky said. “By any measure, though, this is not the kind of way that we want to run the country.”




Looking for a different spin on the Employer Assisted Housing?

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Here’s how to take the concept and build it to assist current employees who already own a home!

More than 75 employers in Illinois have enjoyed success by offering
employer-assisted housing (EAH) programs for their workers. Most
participating employers include down payment/closing cost assistance
to help eligible employees purchase a home close to work.

Now, both existing and new EAH employers will be able to expand their
current program to include eligible employees who already own a home
but need some help making it more energy efficient.

The EAH Retrofit Program will expand on the existing EAH framework by
adding energy efficient retrofits to the benefits that employers can
offer their employees. For example, a participating EAH employer could
contribute $3,000 to an employee homeowner for energy retrofitting
their home, which would be matched with $3,000 from the EAH Retrofit
Program. The homeowner will receive an energy audit of their home to
best determine which type of retrofit—such as adding attic insulation,
upgrading to an energy efficient furnace, or replacing old windows—
would be most beneficial to saving energy dollars and usage long-term.

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EAH Programs are Growing!

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Another example of a community coming on board with the idea of Employer Assisted Housing!  This is something our communities should be taking the lead – and our CORE Team is here to help!  Contact any of the Realtors or Partners listed on our site for additional information.

Community Bank of Oak Park River Forest launches employer-assisted housing program:
In spring 2011, the Community Bank of Oak Park River Forest partnered with Oak Park Regional Housing Center (OPRHC) and Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC) to design an employer-assisted housing (EAH) program for the staff of their west suburban bank branches in Oak Park and River Forest. The bank was inspired to add an EAH offering to
their benefits package after attending a Charter One Workforce Housing Initiative event in the summer of 2010. Through the event, west suburban Cook County mayors convened employers and civic groups to discuss ways to improve homeownership opportunities and stabilize
communities through EAH and other local programs.

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